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When local businesses in Haworth look to strengthen their security, they turn to Haworth NJ Locksmith Store. Our expert technicians have been a trusted resource in the security industry for years, working to ensure that every client who works with us has access to top-tier locksmith services as well as security counsel unparalleled in the industry. Haworth NJ Locksmith Store takes a combination of practical experience and a wide range of security knowledge to ensure that your business has the highest level of security possible.

Experts seasoned in the field of business security can take the time to assess your specific security needs and help you implement a plan to replace an outdated security model. Our specialized mobile work vehicles allow us to provide on-site assistance when it comes to damaged locks, replacement keys, and much more. Haworth NJ Locksmith Store's security and locksmith services have been helping businesses of all types in the area for years:

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  • Restaurants and Food Prep Centers
  • Offices and Cafeterias
  • Assisted Living and Hospices
  • Local Businesses
  • Academic Institutions
  • Temporary Living Spaces
  • Hospital Buildings
  • Houses and Apartments
  • Banks



Haworth NJ Locksmith Store's trained professionals work to stay on top of the latest technological trends, as well as ensure that your businesses security best practices are up to date against modern security threats. Haworth NJ Locksmith Store serves in both a locksmith and security advisory capacity in Haworth helping both new and established businesses stay as secure as possible.

Haworth NJ Locksmith Store specializes in keyway systems which ensure that your most secure resources stay that way, keeping access in the hands of the most important officers of the company. The keys are impossible to reproduce, and if one is locked, the system is designed for easy lock replacement and new key generation.

Haworth NJ Locksmith Store also works with master key systems, which make it easier for large areas to be secured even with a large number of employees. A master key allows for complete access, whereas sub-level keys can be given to lower-level employees to provide access to common areas. Master key systems are effective in very large buildings such as hotels and office complexes, and can be installed through an overnight process to reduce the level of downtime.

The experts at Haworth NJ Locksmith Store also make use of next-gen technology when our customers request or require it, such as the electronic access key system. This system dispenses with traditional style keys, replacing them with pass cards which can have their access assigned remotely, as well as what times the keys will work. This system is most useful for changing access roles, or removing them altogether if the key of a terminated employee is not returned.

One of the most frequently requested security systems is a motion detection system, which is most useful for secure areas where no one should be, as well as for after-hours security. These systems will alert Haworth officers upon detecting intrusion. In concert with a CCTV system, Haworth NJ Locksmith Store's security experts will help design top-level security where virtually no area will be left unaccounted for. Because of the wide variety of security options available, Haworth NJ Locksmith Store recommends scheduling time for an assessment of your facility so that we can best serve your needs.